Sound core liberty 2 battery issue

Is it just my or common issue in Soundcore Liberty 2 There is a battery issue in it. The right earbud battery is not same as the left ones, the right earbud battery backup is 5.5 hrs and left earbuds battery backup is 8hrs there is a huge difference in it. Is my earbuds defective please help me with it…

Have you tried this method?


I think it is mostly how your device connects to your earbuds.

Some devices will connect the earbuds individually as others devices are not able to do and the earbud will "piggyback the signal " off the other earbud (signal goes from one earbud and pairs to the other earbud)

So the main earbud is doing extra work thus it will have a shorter play time.

I know BT 5 does dual channel for stereo so there’s no forwarding.

But this symmetric right bud flat first topic comes up many times.

We sure even when BT there is symmetric load?

We know only the right bud hosts the microphone, so there is right side additional load but should be small.

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