Soundcore 3 - I think I have the first one!

UPDATE: there is a sticker on the bottom of the speaker with a different serial number, guess the app just can’t display yet it for some reason.

Original post:

I noticed my Soundcore 3’s serial number in the app… a bunch of zeroes… Probably means it’s the first one off the production line… Kinda cool I guess.

take a look at the speaker itself and see if you see the serial number, it could just not be uploaded to their servers yet for the app

Ah. You are probably correct. There is a small sticker on the bottom with a number 16 digits long, same number of zeroes in the app. I just assumed the serial number would be internally stored in the memory of the respective speaker to allow it to be displayed on the app.

That looks extremely odd.

The actual S/N in app and printed on unit is that?

S/N are usually not consecutive and contain redundant correcting data so getting one digit wrong cannot cause confusion with another unit, often known as CRC.

No the S/N on the speaker is different

Would certainly be a cool thing to own first off the assembly line :smile:

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Yes, it seems a lot more likely that all 0s means an error. If you had 000001, that would be more suggestive of first off of the line - but pretty sure they don’t start of with 1 anyway, the serial number has more to it than just an ordered set of incrementing digits or it wouldn’t be so long.

Hmmm interesting not sure if that’s what it means but would be cool. I would think the serial number on the actual speaker would more so tell you than the app but who knows