Soundcore app for windows?

I can’t find an app soundcore for windows, does it exist ? To reduce Bass for example.


There is NO!
Mac-OS or Android only.


No app for Windows but you can use any equalizer that works with Windows

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You use a smartphone/tablet with the app to send control signals to the audio device. The device then saves these changes, and you can then connect to Windoze to then consume media.

In addition you have regular audio controls in Windoze.


As had already been said, there is No App for windows.

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My thoughts was that a window based app potentially would get dated and there would need to have updates to handle new upgrades.

I can not tell you how many times we had to upgrade our software to handle issues due to Microsoft upgtades.

Example the software uses the word software for printing and spell check. It is set up for a certain version. When we change we have to code and rework it.

Another example we were able to integrate web into the PowerBuilder program. A fault is that the web cache gets filled up and it does not want to paint the page. So we have do an temp internet files to resolve.

Next step will be WIn11.
Hope you can still use your computers,
which worked properly with WIN10 more or less
and will not do it anymore with Win11.

I am so glad with LINUX mint.
No problems at all and if so, I can solve!:smiley:

It is because the Microsoft model of a 3rd party device driver to their OS to 3rd party applications, there’s 2 places to break, the app has to pass through the OS to the drivers. Apple went a different route, their own OS with their own hardware, only 1 place to break, similar to Android.

This plot goes back to the 80s, architecture decisions made by IBM and Microsoft.

The pragmatic easiest answer is a dual platform one, use Android to control the audio product’s higher features, for collaboration connect to meetings twice concurrently, once on Win10 for keyboard/mouse, and in parallel also on Android for audio sound/mic. It does have the advantage you can move around and leave/return home during back-to-back meetings.

While I think Soundcore is often unfairly piggy-in-the-middle, not their fault, they could do in areas like better write-up, guides, workaround tutorials, videos, etc.

I’ve reverse engineered android mobile app in Python. It does have option to change EQ settings. anyway heres the link to the project. as a note so far I’ve only tested and verified that it works with Q30 pretty sure it works with Q35 as it uses same Java class (when I checked the apk)


Based on damien, I started researching more about the communication protocol and decided to create a desktop app with with I plan to support more Soundcore devices. Right now it’s only tested with Liberty Air 2 Pros but I include a compatibility list in the project link (Also works only with Windows at the moment). Consider contributing and leaving a star if you are interested!


To whom how do you communicate what’s the news🛰️

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Ask the support.
They should know much more than we few poor, left alone forumners know. :smile:


Great App Good Work :smiley: :grinning: Daimiweifen:+1:

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Hola, buenos días, soy nuevo, aun no he recibido mis Q30 pero ya he encontrado la aplicación para PC en la pagina oficial y luego e instalado un emulador BlueStacks 5, y parece que funcionará. Por ahora me sale en el PC la pantalla del móvil o algo parecido. Cuando me llegue lo conectaré por bluetooth al pc, y os comentare. Gracias.

Can p3i support be added?

Thanks, I’ve checked it out.
Can’t get it to connect to A3i buds. The app sees the MAC address.
It also didn’t shut down gracefully. :slight_smile: I had to kill it in Task manager. I don’t see a log.
I’ll try it on another PC.

Yeah my desktop app is mainly made for Q30 in mind. Also can’t really reverse engineer if you don’t have the device because the way they communicate might be different.

The Soundcore App, primarily designed for mobile users, poses a challenge for Windows users seeking to enhance their audio experience. However, the solution lies in using emulators like BlueStacks or MEmu Play, enabling the use of the Soundcore App on PCs.

These emulators require specific PC specifications, such as a dual-core processor, sufficient RAM, ample hard drive space, and up-to-date video card drivers.

By following these steps, users can access the Soundcore App’s features on their Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11 computers, bridging the gap between mobile and desktop for an enriched audio experience.

This article, “Soundcore App on PC,” provides detailed instructions on emulator installation, Soundcore app download for Windows, and the essential system prerequisites. This comprehensive resource simplifies the process for users seeking to install emulators and access the Soundcore app on their Windows devices.

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It works on my Q30. Thank you.

Np! that is what the program made to do :slight_smile: