Soundcore App keeps crashing

They app keeps crashing and when it comes back it removes all ANC settings. I’m using a Google Pixel 4a with Android 12 beta


I would try to remove and reinstall app. If it wouldn’t help you should contact customer service by email and report the issue.


I see its for LA2P which is a mature common product.

Android X - did you mean to say that? That is related to app development. Did you mean Android 12 or 11? Android 12 is beta on Pixel now.

As mentioned already, take copious notes, screenshots, what you’ve attempted already and collate it to support

It will flag it to support and they can begin working on it.

Uninstall and reinstall may work.

If this beta-version will soon being released you should contact the support.

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Well probably the wrinkle here Android 12 beta. Probably Soundcore app has an issue - not your fault - just you’re an early adopter. Help those who will be on Android 12 after you with sending as much info possible to Soundcore to help them get ready.

I’m afraid I’m too old to use new beta versions, I’m the one finding the bugs, not worth it, unless its a free product I get in return, but hats off to those who do as they solve the problems for the rest of us.

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I would NEVER touch a “beta version” if I really need the device and have to use it
If I got a device for testing and playing around I would do, that’s OK
I was playing around more than 40 years with computers and their issues.
What I really know from this time :
You need a working device while others are devices to do research with.