Soundcore App Loses Custom EQ settings

I absolutely love the custom EQ feature, but occasionally, I lose my custom settings. I’m pretty sure it’s only when there’s an update to the app. Anyone else run into this issue?

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Same issue, it gets really annoying.

Is it random or only after an update to the app?

It’s been happening in both cases. After several times of this eq resets I took a screenshot of my setting and now it is less stresfull to see it resets over and over again.

I don’t think my EQ has reset at all? That’s very interesting…

That’s what I ended up doing the last time it happened. Save some trouble next time it happens

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Are you using the custom or one of the preset EQ’s?

I use the custom EQ settings

You just need to log back into the app… presto! All your presets are back! I used to hate that! Update would happen, then all gone!! Poof! Well now I just log back in, and all of them are there. I just wish I could delete some of them.

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It’s the same for me @photofstop. I just log back in and the EQ settings are there.

PS It’s not really a big deal for me even if I did lose them because I adjust my EQ frequently depending on mood/track/recording quality.