Soundcore app music changes eq

Hey all, pretty sure this is actually my first support post on here asking for help on here so here goes nothing.

My issue:
when playing music on my motiom boom speaker or on my life q35 headphones part way through a song the music will stop and the sound profile and volume will change without me touching a thing. The music changes to either being louder or quieter by a click and the sound then sounds almost tinny and far away and muffled. It seems to fix itself when I go into the Soundcore all and connect the device to the app. The app also says my device isn’t connected or on and in range when I know for a fact the speaker is on and connected to the device because it is still playing music. This only seems to have started happening after the latest iOS update on my 10.5 ipad pro.

Things I have tried:
I have tried resetting both the speaker and the headphone I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting I have tried adding and removing them from both the device and the Soundcore app. I’ve even restarted the device they are paired to. There are no firmware updates missing on either of them and this problem doesn’t happen with nonsoundcore headphones or speakers.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is it a bug with the Soundcore app or just a coincidence that the issue is around the same time I updated the app? If people have other ideas to try I am gladly open to them otherwise I will reach out to support on the coming days

Deleting the app and reinstall?
Running the devices with the app by using another phone or tablet?

I have the 35s but have not encountered that as of yet. If you search I thought I remember something similar in another thread.

I would suggest trying a different device as well. If you are using android try an apple device or etc.

Wondering if you have a tug of war between two paired devices to the same headphones or boom?

The Q35s will allow two, but depending on which is primary May cut in and out.

I’d suggest checking your input devices and see if two or more are connected at the same time.

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They aren’t connected at the same time check that. Had even removed all other devices and tried just pairing one of them

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I had searched they had said it was a firmware update on one of the threads and what I’m having is really drastic while the ones others list say it wasn’t as extreme

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