Soundcore App needs updating to address this

I use my Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro earbuds with my Google Pixel 3XL (a phone with a big notch at the top of the screen) and this is what the latest version of the Soundcore App looks like on its homepage

Can the app developers please work to correct the partially obscured branding at the top (at least when the app is installed on phones with a pronounced notch).

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My iPhone XS Max has the same notch but not the same issue. :upside_down_face:

The app needs to be optimized for various smart phone layouts

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Thanks for the feedback that at least one other phone with a notch doesnt exhibit this problem Alejandro (although I suspect the iPhone XS Max notch isnt as deep as the much talked about Pixel 3XL notch). Is this not an issue for you because the branding fonts are moved further down in the app or its shrunken… if you could, a photo would be much appreciated.

Shenoy, what makes you say that, are you having a similar problem and if so, with which particular phone?

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Interesting. I thought the 3xl’s notch was only as tall as the status bar? As far as I know the app shouldn’t be able to go into the status bar and the view of your phone looks like it has the same padding as my 3a xl (so it looks as if the notch just straight up isn’t detected and the status bar isn’t adding any padding).

The iPhone XS Max has a much thinner notch.

It might be difficult for APP developers to consider so many brands and models of phones get released everyday.

The app needs to add support for the infini soundbar. And a number of their other mid range products that aren’t currently included. That would really increase their usefulness.

Updated my Soundcore App this morning and voila- many thanks for listening and fixing it Soundcore!