Soundcore Community what happened

Hello soundcore community!!! Long time soundcore fan here and it’s been far too long bit just wondering what’s Goin on? Got email sayin earth week sign in to earn points amd get rewards go to water a tree and sayin I have insufficient points?? Don’t know how that is unless all the stuff I’d earned on here over the last 4 or 5 yrs has expired but kind of a bummer… hope any and all who see this tho are well and healthy along with all your family and friends!!! Take care Soundcore Community and always wish each of you the best!!!


A few years ago I really enjoyed reading your comments and reviews about Soundcore products. Liberty 2 Pro is my favorite in-ear headphones so far. Unfortunately, the weekly “Core Update” ended, the regular members stopped being active and everything ended. It’s a pity because it recalls ten periods with great nostalgia.
Greetings from Poland to you and your family.
Have a good day at work and good music :+1:t2:.