Soundcore Frames L/R not linked after FW Update

After FW update my Soundcore Frames the left and right temples won´t connect.
I see now “Souncore Frames” two times in my BT enviroment.
Holding the temples for 10+ seconds didn´t do anything. :frowning:

Delete all those bt-connections of the frames from your device totally, do a reset of the frames and do a “new” connection of the frames with your device.


Thank you for the fast reply.
All necessary BT connections are deleted.
But as I wrote “holding the temples for 10+ seconds” to do the RESET didn´t do anything.
I tried both together and separeted up to 20 seconds.
No accustic feedback.
Looking on my phone and my PC scanning for BT devices I see the “Soundcore Frames” twice, and I can connect them seperatly so I could hear one side only.

Wellcome to Community @Maarten-Joost
Don’t have Frames so can’t help much. I
Probably @The_Professor and @Duane_Lester could comment the issue.
I would try to delete Frames BT pairing as it was suggested above and pair it again.
But the best thing you could do would be to send email directly to Soundcore (


There is no hard reset button so it’s tricky to get these back to life.

Try this:

  • delete the pairing and turn your phone bluetooth off, then reboot phone.

  • briefly for a few seconds connect both sides (normally) to power until the green light comes on both sides.

  • then immediately unplug power and put on head normally. Press both sides just behind / above the ear (not where reset instructions say) to force a wear detection.

  • see if that fixes it you should hear the waiting for pairing noise both sides equally.

  • If it does fix it then immediately force a reset by press-hold nearer the front where is logo until you hear waiting for pairing sound again. Then pair on phone.

I had this issue with one pair could not fix it, swapped under warranty, but another pair did same and the above worked.


@The_Professor has solid advice as rhe frames arw sorta of similar to earbuds but on the outside.

I will say I had gotten my pair to pair just by going to the bt setting and clicking the frames there after they went to sleep and didn’t wake up after putting them on.

Usually the curved part near ears wake them up.

If you have to call and they give a trick please let us know.


Sadly it didn´t work.
I have contacted the support.
Will see what happend.


Support will replace them.

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Great, you are lucky!
Enjoy the weekend!