Soundcore Frames - Prescription

Fully understand why Soundcore does not sell Frames with prescription lens.

But Soundcore could help those who would buy Frames if they had prescription lens option if they did these

  • Publish the dimensions or a shape template for some or all of the compatible frames, put it online so a lens maker can know and make.
  • Connect up to a couple of partners in each major market and get them to create price list for lens for these
  • Encourage those partners to make it easy for ordering lens for the Frames.

If you began doing this now then you’d save weeks, helping bypass waiting for an owner to walk down to optician with their delivered Frames.


I agree. I’m curious about these (and actually need new glasses lol), but I’m pretty blind without my prescription glasses so I can’t really try these h less I wear contacts.

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All lenses are made in the same size and round shape. So lenses makers don’t need to know frame dimentions.
All prescription glasses are made by cutting lenses and fixing them in frame. Maker must know persons PD (distance between eyes) to make proper cut.
Lens thickness is key spec to decide if lens can be used with the frame.

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Thanks so for each Frame, publish thickness and user input thickness between eyes measurement (that they should know already) ?

No. To make prescription glasses maker must have lenses, frames and prescription. Not all lenses can be inserted in all frames because some are to thick for specific frame. If lenses can be inserted, maker will cut and insert. No need for extra info.

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Hi Kevin,

Thanks very much for your feedback. Here is the feedback for your suggestions:

  1. When frames are launched on Nov. 1st, it will share size which will help you choose and move on for prescription options
  2. We are trying to work on partnership
  3. For sure we will keep this in mind.


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I’m interested in these but I use varifocal prescriptions.

This promotion seems great for those who just want fashion or sunglasses, but not so great for those requiring prescriptions. :cry:

It’s a real shame to be excluded

Though we are trying to work with 3rd-party eyewear brand, it will take some time to release a prescription lenses to our customer. However, we do have 2 frames designed for prescriptions. From what we understand and trial of other users. They are able to get lenses with our frames at their local eye doctor store.


Nice to hear it. In my opinion it will diae demand on this

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Thanks for replying and sharing your plans.

From Nov 1st when you can share more, can you try to work either with beta testers / reviewers or early customers, to share their experience. So we see something saying “I went to XXX and got YYY and it worked” so there’s some risk taken out for others who are considering buying explicitly for prescription. We see above you’ll be able to share 2 frame style + dimensions specs from next week.

For example - you could run a competition here next week for someone who does have prescriptions can compete to get a free pair where they only take on the risk with the prescription part, but a condition of winning is they must write a review of how well it progressed?

If you could try to get that done by someone in the major countries then it helps kick start the customer base needing prescriptions. So say one customer each in USA, Canada, Germany, UK.

Wishing you every success with the product launch!

Thanks Kevin. It looks interesting, I have passed it to the team. I don’t think we have enough time to make a plan for this kind of event. But I will try to work with Beta Testers and see if we could get some experience on prescription ones.

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Richard thanks for interacting, we know you are busy!

Thanks for understanding. 2 days before launching could be quite busy. But if there is any thought, concern, or suggestion. I would always love to hear.

For the Frames as already designed, only prescription comes to mind of only meaningful help you can be doing next week or two.

For the current Frames products, more lenses for specifics sports of work situations.

  • hardened plastic with cover to top+side for some of the dirtier jobs (construction, gardening, etc).
  • wrap round more one piece for sports.

For Frames future products, it’s:

  • more microphones so there’s left right front rear mics so central front is the only sound passed into the call and left right rear sounds detected and not used.
  • keep the connector the same through multiple versions of Frames so investment is maintained. Not a different connector so not having to buy new prescription lenses for each version.
  • make heavy use of AI, as for the activities where hands are not able to touch the phone (sports, gardening etc) you can do a lot. That is not so much audio quality but does need good microphones to accurately understand key words to control.

Thanks Kevin. Well noted.

Maybe this would be something they would bring about post launch or in a version two. Would be really nice though if they had this type of support and easily availability for prescriptions