Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro touchsurface ghost touch problem


About a week after purchase, my SoundCore Liberty 3 Pro had a problem that it constantly woke up the Android assistant on my phone last night, and this morning it constantly switched between ANC modes (HearID ANC, Normal and Transparency).

This situation did not improve even though I reset it twice later in the day, installed the newly released firmware update (normally I do not install such updates immediately, I wait for a while, but I did not wait when this problem occurred) and then reset it once again.

Later in the day, I contacted Amazon Turkiye, where I purchased the product, and the customer services told me that I could exchange the product for a new one or get a refund until the end of the month, without any conditions. However, just while I was having these conversations, the ghost touch problem I mentioned suddenly ended and the product returned to its normal state without any problems.

Since then, for over 10 hours, I have been running the headset constantly to see if the problem will occur again, the problem did not occur again, but I am still worried.

What do you think I should do? I love the product very much, it has made me very happy since the first day I bought it until this problem happened, and frankly, I do not think of a different product. (I also tried Sony WF-1000XM4 and Sennheiser Momentum 2, I definitely don’t want them) Also, I don’t want to exchange the product or get a refund if this problem does not happen again, I am conservative in these matters. (Perhaps I’m being unnecessarily conservative) Is this a known bug, etc. Is there a chance it will happen again and worse, become permanent or require repair? I’m seriously worried, but I also don’t want to receive an unnecessary product change or a refund that I don’t really deserve if the problem is something trivial that won’t happen again.

I would like to thank those who will help me to get ideas with their valuable opinions.

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Hey @UnicornKnight, I have the Liberty 3 Pros, but I haven’t experienced this with mine. I have mine paired with an iPhone Xr and a MacBook Pro, and neither have experienced these issues.

I haven’t paired them with an Android phone, but that’s not to say that these issues could be solely an Android problem, as maybe someone else has experienced similar on an iPhone, but I certainly don’t recall seeing anything on these forums discussing it.

If it seems to have resolved itself, maybe there was an underlying problem with the firmware and the re-install and reset may have resolved the issue.

I know that Soundcore support are very helpful when it comes to resolving issues with their products, so if it does start happening again, just get in touch and I’m sure they will see you right.


I’ve not experienced that either. Mine are paired with a LG G8 (Android 11).

I’d keep a close eye on it and if it pops-up again, take Amazon up on their offer to exchange them. They really are very nice Earbuds!


If this shows up again I would swap these asap.
If you are out of warranty would be harder to persuade the support.
Good luck.


I suggest to contact support by email