Soundcore Liberty Air 2 hissing noise


Recently I bought the Soundcore Liberty Air 2, and they worked great: phenomenal sound with an adequate bass, beautifully simple design, good touch controls, and amazing comfort; however, one day, something happened to the left earbud, and they would refuse to play sound unless I put them in my ear in a specific position, and the slightest of movement would stop the sound. So, upon talking with Soundcore Support, I got my hands on a replacement pair. And now, I meet a different problem. They make this really noticeable hissing sound when sound is playing, and even after I stop the sound, the hissing continues for a couple seconds until going away. It’s really quite annoying, as I don’t remember the ones I got before having this hissing noise.

Do the brilliant people here have an idea as to what could possibly be the cause? Also, if need be, I’ll gladly give more details about my situation, if the details are needed for the troubleshooting.

Thanks in advance,

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Wondering if you need to update the firmware, through the soundcore app?

I already did, and the app tells me the firmware is at 1.60. It still makes the hissing noise.

Sound like feed back perhaps… what is charge level on the buds, I’m assuming full?

Maybe, let us know what else you had done up to this points. Have you hard reset and gone through the forget device, re pair?

Currently at full; the charging case and the earbuds themselves. As for the reset, I’ll try that right now.

There apparently is a couple, regular reset as well as hard reset. I’d you do a quick search on the threads, there will be some posts showing videos as to how to do.

Usually by either shivam_shah or duane_lester

I reset them. They still make a hissing sound.

Sorry to hear that. I’d suggest getting back in touch with support.

There are some others that have these earbuds, that maybe able to help further.

I have the liberty 2 pros, which also apparently had the same hissing issues, but my pair doesn’t seem to have.

With what you have done currently, make sure you share with support and hopefully they’ll be able to set right.

If you only have one earbud out at a time, does it still hiss? If you do for each of them, do the both hiss?

Even in mono mode, they both hiss.

I would try a full reset of the earbuds, and then pair them with a different device if possible. If it still occurs after that, definitely contact support for a fix or replacement.

This is a known and widespread problem across Soundcore lineup. I have owned 6 Soundcore headphones and speaker and all of the have had this. The amount of hiss varies widely though so Life 2 headphone, Flare Mini, Spirit Pro, and Soundbuds Slim haven’t had such noticeable sound. Spirit X and Spirit Dot 2 have had a lot of hissing noise and I even got Spirit X exchanged because of that.

Anyway, long story short, you should try to reset using the video below. If this doesn’t work, reach out to customer support again for this.

On a different note, I saw your Motion+ thread and normally it (or any other Soundcore speaker) shouldn’t have audible hissing sound on normal operating volume but if it does, then you should try a reset on that as well

  • Hold the Bluetooth and Volume+ buttons down at the same time for 5-10 seconds until Motion+ restarts.

If that doesn’t work, contact support about this.


Just yesterday I got a Soundcore Motion+ for Christmas, and they worked great; great sound, deep and rich bass, phenomenal design, and completely ok in the shower. However, trying them out today, I noticed a weird problem. The tweeters make a quite noticeable hiss when they’re turned on; regardless of whether they’re connected to a device via bluetooth or if they’re not connected to anything. It’s very unfortunate, as the hiss is present even when I’m listening to music, and it’s quite disturbing. According to the Soundcore app, the firmware version is 36.38, btw.

Do the wonderful people have an idea as to what could be the cause? If need be, I will gladly give more information if it helps with the troubleshooting.

Thanks in advance,

Sounds like you are having lots of trouble with your Soundcore products. I see your other post about the L2P’s :rofl: Maybe it’s your playback device creating the hiss if you have this issue on both products?

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Same issue with the call quality and double checked on a voice recording app using the Liberty Air 2 mics. I noticed that whenever I talk with the earbuds in my ears, there’s static and hissing that distorts my voice. It works better when i’m holding the earpiece next to my mouth but that isn’t ideal at all. Tried resetting twice already and it’s still there. Hope a firmware fix comes soon coz my app says I’m on the latest update :expressionless:

Sound quality is great though so at least the unit is usable.