Soundcore liberty air 2 pro charging case issue

Why is my charging case discharging so fast? In normal use i get 3 extra charge from the case with the earbuds at 20%… but recently i tried using the earbuds for around 2hrs then put it back into the case with around 80% of battery and still i get 3 extra charge from the case. I was expecting it to consume less and last longer like the other reviews I’ve read that it last them around a week. Is my unit defective or is there any other reason?

Unsure but the dots just give an estimate of the charge. 3 dots os 70 to 100, 2 dots 30 to 70 , 1 dot is 30 to 0.

Make sure to leave on charge to charge case and buds and I would then do your test of it again on time for the case

same happen to my liberty air 2 pro