Soundcore liberty air 2 pro is not working with Teams and Zoom calls

It was working good for video snd music except for Zoom and Teams meetings. While connecting to zoom or teams it’s causing more volume on right compared to left most of the times and sometimes it auto disconnects. So its very bad for meetings

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Have you tried resetting the earbuds and then un-pairing and re-pairing with the device.

I have done it already but the issue is not resolved

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Sorry to hear that resetting the earbuds didn’t work.

Maybe you should try emailing to try and get the issue resolved.

This is not specific to the LA2P. Search for Windows Bluetooth, there’s fixes.

I have replacement open for 7 days so I raised request for replacement. If the new ones are still same , i will ask for refund as i dont want to struggle spending lot of amount on earbuds that too new ones

The issue is not these earbuds (probably not)

The issue is Bluetooth.

If you return them to get something different, the problem will also be with whatever, from whoever, you get next.

It’s less effort to learn how Windows handles Bluetooth now, than be forced to learn it anyway later with something different.

When you search you’ll find tips with device drivers, etc.

One potential way to avoid this issue is get substantially higher cost buds as one cause is Soundcore lets buds connect to two devices but doesn’t let them concurrently operate at different Bluetooth versions. One reason much older buds avoid this is they can only run at the older versions.

I have other bluetooth earphones which are working fine bit the issue is only with soundcore earbuds and both are same bluetooth version 5 and both soundcore liberty air 2 pro and one plus bulletz wireless also doesnot support multi device connectivity

The replaced soundcore earbuds works fine with meetings

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