Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro left earbuds is Ticking

When I first received the item and checked it I noticed that the left earbud made a tick-tick sound when I put it in my ear and adjusted it to fit properly or when I shook/moved my head, and when I walked normally with every step.

I’ve chosen the most suitable eartips then did a Tip Fit Test on the Soundcore application on my cellphone and the status was Good Seal for both earbuds.

Is this a problem? Because the tick-tick-tick sound, sounds very strange and I suspect the left earbuds are defective and need to be replaced or…??

Agreed, needs replacement.

Do a reset first before contacting support.

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If you contact the support don’t forget to add ALL numbers you find on the package
(eg. model nummer etc.)

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I will say contact the same unless you have tremendous ear hairs then maybe trim them. :slight_smile: seen simular thing…

I gave a pair of neo to someone that needed a pair at work and he was asking me why he was not able to hear the sound today until I had to tell him they had a lot of wax clogging up the earbuds. Fixed issue.

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Sounds like it needs to replaced to me as well.

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Guys, the return process is in progress. Thanks for the feedback, this is my first tws earphone, so if there is a problem like this, I’m a little hesitant to take action.


In our times always “action” is needed.
If you don’t agitate nothing will happen. :laughing:

I got a saying :
“If one doesnt do nothing, one can nothing make wrong” :rofl:
But of course nothing will happen.

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I’d not read into this, not infer much, I’ve had some Neo, P3 x2 , LA2, X10, none of them had hardware faults.

But then I have 3 Q30 and 3 Frames have issues.

The overall reliability is good and the warranty is good, don’t read too much, do not overreact to a bad first experience.

TWS buds are substantially more complex than wired buds and headphones, there’s many more steps for them to work perfectly, so failures are indeed much higher. Two classes of failure: either they fail right early on, or they work fine then earwax and finger grease accumulate and you get quietness problem from wax or they don’t charge as good from grease, being very common and just regular cleaning helps.

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