Soundcore Liberty pro 2

My Liberty Pro 2 were also delayed and arrived last week.

Unfortunately I ran into a problem I have yet to see anywhere else.

My Right Bud didn’t work at all and was completely dead to the world of sound. The hissing was loud in the left bud too. It was a little disapointing having waited for them for so long but the Customer Care Team were absolutely wonderful and sent a new pair out suggesting to throw the others away as they didn’t work as they should.

I’m looking forward to giving them a thorough run through and review when I recieve them.

I would just like to say that they have been brilliant in responding to my emails and sent the new pair out 2 days after logged onto the system.

I hope everyone gets what they need and want from this product and I look forward to what they do in future pairs.

The only things I am a little frustrated about them are the buttons are on the small side for the size of the buds themselves and it would have been great to have them with better sound isolating tech like some of my other buds.

Other than that the sound I got from the left bud was extremely clear if a tad processed. Again I’ll have to evaluate the new pair when they show up.

Play with the different size eartips and earrings, make sure to insert them at a 90 degree angle and twist/turn to lock them into your ear. They actually have great noise isolation once you find the right combination of tip/wings that work for you