Soundcore Liberty Pro 3 BOX Weight

Hi I can’t seem to find any information regarding the Soundcore Liberty Pro 3 box weight ( the box includes the replacements tips, the case, and buds ) im interested to know this because im going to ship it from the usa with a hitchhiker so I need to know the weight of the box, on amazon it only says 60g which is the weight of the case

thanks in advance.

I would contact the support.

Look in a few Amazon regions some show two weights.

If also in your context watch an unboxing video as a guide.

FYI if still needed, just got my ones, all up box weight is 337g or approx. 12oz.

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I tried, they initially forgot to answer the question about the weight, then after getting back to them again they gave me incorrect info

i have the soundcore pro 2 and i know the box weights alot more.

Better to get an incorrect information than none! :rofl:

thanks this sounds consistent with the weight of the soundcore pro 2

i mean i already set the weight to 500gm since i couldn’t get info in time

500 gr. Seems to high.

Sorry I dont have those kind of earbuds.
But may be others can tell you more about.
It doesn’t matter much of the model.
The weight of the charging boxes should be similar.

But there is no more traffic here, so there might be no answer. :thinking:

we already have an answer here.
i think they have put this information somewhere though.

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