Soundcore Life A2 NC glitching with Teams

I’m having an issue with MS Teams on my Win 10 laptop when using my Soundcore Life A2 NC headphones. Lots of glitching, breaking up, robot noises etc. IT updated drivers and seemed to help for a day or two but then back to issues again.

I left them on my desk at work so borrowed my son’s Sony Bluetooth NC headset to WFH yesterday and experienced no issues at all. Any suggestions on what I can do to resolve the glitches with my Soundcore device?



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Year’s !!! :+1:t2::+1:t2:

You speak ???

Yes, microphone and sound ”works” and no fundamental disconnections but just very glitchy to the point of being unusable with cut outs of audio and voice.

FYI for anyone interested just done a reset and reconnected earbuds to my laptop and issue seems to have resolved - only 1 Teams call so far though so will wait to see how long that lasts…