Soundcore Life A2 NC+ Review (TechnicallyWell)

Here is my review of the new Soundcore Life A2 NC+ earbuds with details on how they are different than last year’s “non-plus” model. As always, thanks for watching! :smile:


Nice review. Well put together.

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Lined up for tomorrow’s coffee break :smile: :musical_score:


Perfect as usual, Ryan! :slight_smile:


Nice review. Thaks for sharing.


Appreciate the Technically well review :wink:


In my honest opinion, airpods pro microphone quality was far far superior to A2 :nerd_face:
It was not even a contest

Nice review.

So you aren’t having clarity issues with people hearing when talking on the phone? For some reason, I’ve 3 out of 4 calls have issues hearing me. I know one, the person was hard of hearing.

I’m still playing with the setting trying to call people. I’ll know more by the time I finish the review.

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Sorry, I wasn’t able to reproduce this. I did some test calls and I was told I sounded a little more distant compared to the AirPods Pro, but still understandable.

I did some more testing over the weekend, It’s only certain people. I don’t have any issues with my my P2 or my P2 mini. I’m going to play with a little more. they work fine while out at the store or walking around. But in my home office, I prefer the P2 minis.