Soundcore Life A2 NC+ Review

Welcome back SoundCore fanboys and fangirls today I have for all of you the third part of my ever going series that I like to call:


Today I bring you the review of the Soundcore Life A2 NC+! This review was made with the help of several community members who had an input in this video and to all of those who left feedback make sure to watch the whole video to see your input. So thank you to all those who were apart of this video! As always everyone make sure to leave a like comment and share the video out!

Coming up next will be the Life P3 which will be out by next week or in two weeks depending on some timing issues! As always feedback is appreciated and remember hugs not drugs.


Will try to check it out after work…

Thanks for sharing.

I’ll check it out later today. Thanks for the share! :+1:

Nice vid @Michael_Frasca, editing superb and nice cuts for the editing in.

On the product review, well done, and I think there is maybe one set that doesnt do the app… life p2 mini.

You mentioned some things could be unlocked, in terms of features, what types of things were you thinking?

When you put these beside the liberty pro 3s, they didn’t see, too much different … :thinking:


In terms of features I feel they could add the triple tap, find my earbuds gaming mode or even the sleep ambience sounds. I also feel that they should’ve added wireless charging because for that price it would justify the addition and the side by side comparison from my POV the 3s are a tad smaller

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I believe the sleep ambience may now be integrated into the app independent of which headset you have.

I’ll have to check and see, but thought I noticed it the other week.

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Wireless charging adds $3 cost.

It is extremely odd they make so many varieties of TWS buds with so many small differences. I gave up counting last year.

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