Soundcore Life Note, help?

My right earbud has stopped playing sound? any idea how to fix? it turns on but no sound comes out, ive tried resetting, and emailing company but not much help

If a reset didn’t help and it turns on, could it be ear wax built up in the earbud? If it’s all clean, maybe you can try to email again. Also is it under warranty? These should have 18 months warranty

I am surprised that they emailed the company and that they were not of much help. I am wondering if Maddison has the copy of where she bought it.

I to keep them by a pic and then an email to myself and a folder, keep in a box, or know I have it saved in my Amazon account info.

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Have you tried having the device forget them and then reconnecting them again? And making sure they are fully charged and nothing is blocking charging connections

Yes, I have tried that, It went back on for a few minutes but then went back out. I really love these earbuds so I’ll probably just get new ones, I’ve had them for quite a while, theyve been stepped on, fallen in water/drinks multiple times, so I’m not suprised that they’re finally going out, thanks for the help!


I would personally not disclose that last part to them in the email :rofl:. But yea if you do go the email route for warranty, then good luck and hopefully it goes well and easy