Soundcore Life P3 Game Mode

Hello. Why can’t I turn on the game mode without using the application?. Or how to do it?. In all my headphones, you can turn on the game mode simply touching 3 times the headphone sensor. I can also reassign the action. In Life P3, I can not do this, need to install the app!!! Please add the opportunity to include through the touch of the headset! I use not only a phone, but also a computer. On the computer, I can’t turn on the game mode

You can also let know as they can send it to through tech quicker depending on if certain admins see it. Unsure about the assigning of action. It may be they are starting off with a pre functions and then tweaks them for each device.

It’s my understanding they aren’t coming out until July 7th. This must be a first, complaints before they are even released. :rofl:


I’m pretty sure that if they released them already, the early bird coupon would not still be listed to buy.

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It could be a not so secret beta tester :man_shrugging:

Wow questions before release this is a new one for sure. It would be nice to use game mode outside the app or to have more devices feature the app support

I figure you’re just messing around because if it was a Beta Tester they would be able to talk directly to Soundcore, they wouldn’t have to do it on here. On top of that, I believe they have to agree/sign a NDA.

Me was answered that the gaming mode retains its status while the headphones do not placed into the charge case. I am need connect to the phone > open app > enable gaming mode. Then disconnect from the phone and connect to another device.
I hope that the developers will add gaming mode on touch actions. I do not want to depend on the app :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m replying a day later and seems app support is whitelisted for everyone.

I see I’m allowed to see the LP3. Note a couple of app releases ago they moved product updates from app release to access control list.

If anyone can’t see it I’d just logout login to app and of still can’t see it then email support.

Please add “Gaming Mode” on the actions of the touches (Single Tap - Double Tap - Hold 2s).