Soundcore Life P3i won't turn off

3rdbpair of these having this issue, they sound great but pop them back in the case and they never turn off and never disconnect, first pair I had for almost a year and then this problem started got a new pair week later same issue. Today I got pair number 3 and literally the same issue

Is the lid open or closed?

If open then there is a good chance it will be connected but they should not be if the lid is closed

Yep lid is closed the work around I trying is disconnect my Bluetooth for awhile and let the buds go to sleep on their own

Don’t have P3i but the common cause is the buds or pins have a bit of oil or grit and it’s not sensing buds in, next most common cause is the buds not fully placed and the lid isn’t fully closing.

So give it a clean may fix it.

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I hv same issues. The case is closed, and pins cleaned. Now they won’t charge at all. And yes, case is also charged.

So if you’re sure it’s clean, then the next thing is try is reset it while power is plugged into case.

Sometimes the case get confused, a simply reset doesn’t work, you have to keep connected to power while you follow reset instructions.

Same, resetting doesn’t seem to help. Battery is also getting lower and lower, despite case being plugged in regularly, so assume their dying after approx 4 months.