Soundcore “Life Q10s”are still here! & still Banging!

**The sound core” Life Q10s”! still a great product in 2022! for the price & in general! Just bought a pair, why not?? They started the “life generation” brand from The 10s to the 35s!
Brand new in 2022 I purchased today and already exceeding expectations! Will be reminding my self why so many people purchased these… I’ll be using them All night for music and some
Movies… The bass is massive and the battery lasts a long time. Don’t let the low price Make you think these head phones aren’t amaZing. They were still arguing the better qualities of the Life Q10s vs the Q20s and Q30s just last year in YT reviews! :loud_sound::loud_sound::boom::boom:Basss​:boom: head phones for under 40$ Don’t sleep on these !! They’re absolutely responsible for the “ Llife” brand continuing on with creating the next 3 gens , By Soundcore •Just a reminder ! Recommend them!!


Great you enjoy this headphones.
I gave one to my daughter and another one to the girls of my friend from Poland.
They really like them.
I never had others than the Q10 so could only test this model.
Its true these are worth totally the money.

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I couldn’t agree more , these still serve a purpose for
Many different soundcore fans. and people need to be reminded ! I’ll never stop recommending them as a first time user. They were and still are a great head set , for a great Price by •Soundcore •:sunglasses:

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I enjoyed these as well. No NC but a very solid pair at a great price…

…The look similar to some of the Beats Solo. I just wish it had a bag or etc. …


Glad you like your new headphones. Thanks for sharing.

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I was wearing my Q10s today while we were cleaning our carpets (the machine is very noisy) and they helped me get through the task while being able to listen to some hits from the 80s. Would totally recommend these headphones for the price – amazing value for money.

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Thanks for sharing the review. I’ve never had the chance to try those out, so I found this interesting. :+1:

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