Soundcore life q30 equalizer settings

I want to share with you custom equalizer settings that i found in a YouTube comment on a video q30 review. I, myself, consider this custom equalizer is the best.
Equalizer section (first number is the Khz and the number in () is in (dB):
100 (0)
200 (+6)
400 (+3)
800 (+5)
1.6 (+3)
3.2 (+5)
6.4 (+2)
12.8 (+4)


thanks it’s absolutly great

Hello, does this setting you mentioned make a difference whether ANC mode is on or off? Would it be a problem if I use it for Q35?

There’s no difference between the ANC off or on. Give it a try and use it for q35. I don’t have q35 so i don’t know.