Soundcore Life Q30 pairs but does not connect with my phone

So, like the title says, I simply can’t get it to connect. I’ve tried everything that I could: Reset the headphone and my smartphone, installed a third party bluetooth software, reset my network and bluetooth settings, tried to work through the app, all to no avail.

However, it connects to my windows laptop just fine, as it did with my sister’s Iphone.

So, ideas?

I own a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2, btw. It pairs, then I tap to connect and nothing happens. I also think that it’s important to note that I own bluetooth earbuds (Redmi Airdots) and I have no problem whatsoever with their connection.

Make sure it’s not paired and connecting to your computer or sister’s phone otherwise it won’t connect on your phone. Turn bluetooth off on any device this had paired to and try again

Hey, so, I’ve tried that and it still didn’t work. However, I found and downloaded an app on Play Store called Bluetooth Pair, and it sort of forced it to connect. After connecting, I wen’t through the app, downloaded the firmware update and so far everything’s golden, my headphone is working really well.

In another words: Solved :slightly_smiling_face:. Anyway, thanks

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That’s interesting way of solving the issue. Sounds like this can be a solution to other’s problems as well