Soundcore Life Q30 Transparency Mode

I Bought SoundCore Life Q30 today. Everything’s good. I just want clarify if its onnu for me or for everyone.
The transparency mode amplifies the sound around me including noise. Not going to lie, the voices are amplified but along with the AC sound in the background as well? Thats my concern. I tried my friend’s Q45 But there is no such issue, it cancels all the noises and Amplifies the voices unlike Q30.

Is there anything I can do to correct this issue?

I think u will hear all outside sound if u turn on transparency mode. Transparency means exactly that. Transparency mode created for road walking people. People can hear vehicle & other surrounding sounds to avoid critical accident on road during walking or cycling.


I agree. My Q30 does the same thing. I hardly ever use Transparency mode so it doesn’t bother me. For cyclists and joggers it’s a great feature.