Soundcore Life Q35 - lose sound

Hi All, I have a problem with my newly bought Q35 headphones, after two weeks I noticed that they lose sound when playing music from YouTube/NewPipe (thru BT). I still see the video is playing but without any sound. In such situation I have to pair off and on again, but after some minutes it happen again, sometimes after 5 minutes, sometimes 40minutes, there is no rule. I have the latest firmware, hard reset (volume + power) also not working. Maybe someone have similar issue?

Thank you

Perchance did you pair with more than one device? That would be stealing the connection.

Yes I have it paired with TV at home but at work not but the problem persist.

Yes I have it paired with TV at home but at work bot but the

OK if you’re on Android you may need to clear your Bluetooth cache.

Delete the pairing (all pairings everywhere).

Reset the headphones.

Reboot Android phone to recovery, wipe cache (not data), boot.


If that still doesn’t fix it then put email together to with serial number, proof of purchase, photos of product to prove not damaged, description of fault, the fact you’ve already done resetting and re-pair.

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Thanks, I will do it.

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