Soundcore listing seems broken on Amazon

Was searching Liberty 2 Pro on Amazon and when click the Soundcore Brand as shown in the picture, it gives Amazon’s “something went wrong” error


@Loz , Soundcore team may want to check this with Amazon

It works for me

US Amazon link
The problem may be on your end :man_shrugging:

And it couldn’t be posted under this thread because.?.?.

Because… you need to read the title again… i mentioned the Soundcore Brand Icon on Amazon and NOT the Liberty 2 Pro

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Not sure what was the issue, but it’s working now

Seems to be working now But the error kept saying something on Amazon side

Sorry, By “soundcore listing” I thought you meant the listing of liberty 2 pro

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It was a coincidence, had not read the other thread,

For some reading is quite difficult! :rofl::rofl::rofl: