Soundcore mini 3 not working like it used to

My Soundcore mini 3 doesn’t charge nor turn on and I have the original charger can anyone help

Try a different cord and or charging brick (power supply). If that doesn’t work, contact Customer support.

Try another cable, try another charger, make sure the socket is clean of debris.

How long have you had at, and how much have you used it? Old and well used products may just stop working.

I would do each of the above statements as customer service will probably ask that you do some of these before they would even talk about a warranty exchange. It may save you a few days of time and a few email of back and forth.

If in the US you can contact for customer support.

I have had it for about 3-4 months and have used it like 10 times one day I tried charging it and it never charged and I used the anker wire but slowly it never charged then it just turned off with no reason now it’s just fully off I have tried charging for ages but no sign of it working

Alright then I would do what other people suggested.

@Anjumziaan14 Sorry to hear about your issue. Please reach out to the customer service via along with your purchase proof then they’ll help you verify the 18-month warranty process.