Soundcore Motion+ audio delay

Hi, I just received my Motion+ and I’ve discovered this problem. I’ve connected it to my PC and Android and for both whenever I play anything, there is a 2 second delay before the sound comes through so I miss the first two seconds. I have tried a hard reset, but that hasn’t fixed the problem. This is especially annoying when I’m playing some short dialogue tracks and it cuts off the first 2 seconds of each person’s part. I’ve been lurking on this forum and some outside posts and I’ve seen a couple people who have had similar issues but also people who were really happy with their Motion+ and have had no problem with it (though that being said, I’m not sure if the issue still exists and they just personally didn’t have a problem with it). I am happy with the audio quality but would really like know how to fix this if possible. If anyone could also comment if they don’t have this issue would also be helpful so that I know there are Motion+'s out there without this delay. Also if this is not fixable and this is not something that is supposed to happen, could I get my unit exchanged for a different one?

If you look at the app, there is an update for the m +.
You could try this, may be this could fix the issue, but I don’t know.

I checked for an update and the app says I’m up to date with ver. 37.38, but thanks!

@canispiri Hey, there. Please get in touch with Customer Service via then let them know the device model you paired the speaker with to further investigate for you.

This is strange, because on older models 36.38 is the latest firmware. Anker may have updated something on the speaker, but no one knows what. Here is an interesting video on the subject.