Soundcore Motion Boom Plus with Custom EQ vs 2x Motion Booms in TWS (Updated Alan Ross Review)

Soundcore Motion Boom Plus with Custom EQ vs 2x Motion Booms in TWS (Updated Alan Ross Review). I’ve been looking forward to this since I have 2 Motion Booms that I run in TWS. Enjoy!

PS He also is running a custom EQ’s so it’s an Apples to Apples comparision.


Thanks for sharing. Will check it promptly.


After watching this I think I’m just going to be happy with my 2 Motion Booms. I think they hit the jackpot with the original.


I’m returning my motion boom plus reluctantly….I really wanted to love it :see_no_evil:


I take it you’re not happy with it?

I already have 2 of the Original Booms and love them in TWS. I figure if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. You never know what the future may bring, but for now I’m just going to enjoy my Booms!


I am not into speakers so had not watched this video.

But having seen the complaints here, I watched this video and it seems obvious what to do, what to buy.

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Anyone with best EQ for Motion Boom, Firmware 00.44, don’t know how to set these bands to make it sound its best, anyone??

Here’s mine, but just because I like it, doesn’t mean you will. We all hear differently, listen to different music, and have different preferences.

Lastly to tweak (adjust) the settings, the Sliders from Left to Right go from Deep Bass to the Highest Treble (Midrange is obviously in the middle). Good luck.

PS I don’t believe there is such a thing as best EQ setting. It’s what the individual likes best. I adjust mine sometimes because different recording are mastered differently or my mood changes. :grinning:

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Thanks for your response, i forgot to add that i listen to a whole range of genres of music but most times i listen more to EDM, HIP HOP, can you pls list different bands with respect to their corresponding numbers e.g
80hz +2
150hz +1…so it can be easy for me to input & try out rather than just looking at the picture

Also did you notice any difference moving from Firmware 00.43 to 00.44?

The only problem so far for me on this nice speaker is i notice annoying sibilance on some music, the highs & clarity are good for a speaker without tweeters (it could’ve been an absolute monster with one😁) & again the soundstage is narrow, you need to position it well or at least let it face you or be at a certain angle for best listening experience

PS: The bass on this little man(Motion Boom) is just too incredible for its size, i wonder how Motion Boom Plus with tweeters & bigger woofers & more power will perform but its not as portable as the Motion Boom

I have 2 of them I run in TWS (True Wireless Stereo) so the Soundstage isn’t a problem. I highly recommend getting a 2nd one - it makes a huge difference (in that configuration, one is the Left Channel, the other one is the Right Channel…PS I usually listen to them on my porch separated by ~10 feet.

I really didn’t notice a difference in firmwares.

My cat likes them too. :grinning:

Ok, I’ll try & get a second one then, do give me your EQ using the below format so i can try them out against others i have

Send it to me in this order please
80hz +3
150hz +2
300hz +1
600hz 0…

Thanks for your time & response

80 +2
150 +1
300 +1
600 +0
1.2 -1
2.5 0
5 +1
9 +2
13 +3
I had to guesstimate because it doesn’t show me the numerical value unless I’m touching it, then it moves. Like I said, just get in their and adjust until you like the way it sounds. I can’t tell you what will sound best to you.

Thanks dude, i appreciate
Sure i’ll fidget with the EQ a lot😅

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