Soundcore Motion+ long-term review | true champion

Hey guys check out my long-term review article. My Motion Plus still surprises me with its design, sound quality, performance and many more …

Soundcore Motion+ has an excellent design and build that can really help with the sound dispersion and nice stereo separation. I have played with the eq bands quite a lot and they are real eq. Motion+ is a champion in its size category by delivering great bass response and exceptional mids and highs …

Check the full review article on my website --> Anker Soundcore Motion Plus speaker detailed review


Guys, I highly recommend this product. The shimmer on the high-end from those tweeters makes me love it more even after 4 years …

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Can you provide different eq settings on yt on version 45.49 like movies, bass, balanced sound signature

Really sorry, I never updated my Motion+, it’s still at old version 33.35 because I wasn’t having any issues and the later updates were not worth it, probably later versions loose some volume.

What about 37.38 version this is best firmware according to alan ross…will they downgrade(upgrade)my m+ if i e mail now just asking…or they stopped upgrade or downgrade for this speaker

Alan Ross is probably right. But you probably will not be able to update to that specific version. The software/app will auto-update to the latest version available once triggered. Now probably they are not releasing any update as it’s getting pretty old.

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