Soundcore Motion+ no more sound - no reaction

One of my two Soundcore Motion+ speakers (3 weeks old) suddenly quit giving sound. Power light turns on but no start sound an nothing else happens. Except Bass button (light on/off works) no other button shows any reaction. Reset (pressing sound + and bluetooth button ) does not help either. Any idea? Thanks.

You are under warranty, so you should contact the support.
As you tried a reset already I would assume the speaker is defective.


Report the issue to costumer service. Contacts can be found there:

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You can try the following steps to see if it helps:

  • Confirm the speaker is fully charged
  • Turn off your device and speaker,then turn them on and test again.
  • Try the speaker with another device; try another app or audio source
  • Try test it via an audio cable if possible to see if any sound come out
  • Make sure the volume on both the speaker and the paired device is turned up

If it’s no help, please send an email to for help.

Thank you for the replies - unfortunately nothing helped.
Sound only came out via audio cable. According to support it must be a technical defect.
Speaker already returned and a substitute is on the way to me.

At least they are prompt on support / replacements when you buy through authorized channels in supported countries. I hope the new one gives you many years of use.

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