Soundcore P40i, no audio for calls, conference

Pixel 8 pro + P40i.

When the P40i is connected I get no audio from phone calls, and other voice / video conference apps. The BT device is there, and selected, but the audio comes out of the phone, as if it was set to “phone” (the phone speaker).

Works fine for media audio.

Can’t find anything in Android settings or the soundcore app that could be relevant. In BT settings, the device is active for all audio types.

I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnected, unselecting and selecting.


It may be just set for use with phone.

Try to go to the BT area and find the device. You can click the cog wheel. From there you should see a slider for calls and audio. If the audio is off, you can turn it on. You are able to specify to be used for one, or the other or both…