Soundcore Q30 ANC not working in wired mode

I Recently upgraded from Q20’s to Q30’s as the 20’s battery started degrading and sometimes would not charge.

I was disappointed that the Q30’s did not come with a headphone jack adapter for airplanes, but I still had the adapter that came with teh Q20’s so was not that disappointed. My first flight though, ANC switch off when I plugged in and I could not get it back on. Is this a bug? I’ve checked and I have the latest firmware. Is my headset faulty? Reading the Manual , no - ite states that plugging into the AUX port will switch off bluetooth (understandable) and ANC.

Annoyed as they were advertised with a photo of someone listening on a plane, and have a “travel” mode. Can you update the firmware to ewnable ANC through wired connection?

I believe that this is by design. You may want to reach out to to confirm.

Thanks! That’s why I added it to suggestions, as I think it’s a design issue as well.

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I know others have stated that as well but you really need to contact as it is the most likely way they will take notice. Although others have stated it, they will take that in consideration to or other headsets.

Most likely there will be nothing done as there has been a few other releases.

I have done. They are giving me 10% back on the purchase price.

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