Soundcore Q30 headphones. Right ear stopped working

Anyone have any suggestions? I reset, paired again, charged.
No change. Hoping there’s a reboot somewhere

Contact the support.
That’s the best and easiest you can do,


Eliminate the cause.

Try different media, different app, a different phone.

Wired or wireless or both? Try the other method you are using.

If right side dead on different phone and app and media both wireless and wired then it’s proving to be a broken headphones.

The serial number is on the headband very difficult to read, easier off the packaging.

Send serial number, proof of purchase, photos, your address, to support.

I’ll agree with @Chiquinho. Contact Customer Support:

Express what you did to also save time.

Plus I am glad to hear serial number is hard to read for others…I just though I was getting older. Lol. I find taking a picture of it help to read by zooming in (modern day magnifying glass. :smile: )

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Also when getting new products photo the label with serial number as that’s often easier to read then tag it to make finding it later easier.

18 months warranty easily passes after you’ve lost packaging.

And if bought in a store so paper receipt, photo that, and if you’re gifting them to others send them link to photos in case of warranty claim.

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Hello, @Ercolini1 sorry to learn about the issue with your Q30 earphones, thanks for trying some troubleshooting already, it seems that your earphones are unusual.

For any warranty assistance, please feel free to drop an email to "" detailing the issue and the order information, our customer support team will take care of your case within 24hrs.

No worry, we always stand behind your product and are ready for help.