Soundcore Q30 noise in all modes

Hi! Just received my Soundcore Q30, and its my first bluetooth headphone.
I have just connected it to my PC Windows 10, and above 50 volume level a hissing/static noise starts to appear. At 65+ seems like its raining in my ears. Is it normal for bluetooth headphones?

Observations: The noise level is the same in all 3 modes (normal/ANC/transparency).

I am not using the EQ app.

*Update: I do not have any noise while using it connected to my phone. Does this mean that the problem is with my bluetooth hardware on the PC? Thanks in advance.

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It would defiantly seem like the issue is in you Windows 10’s Bluetooth, since you’re not having problems with the Q30 connected to your phone.

I wonder if your phone is running a newer version of BT?

You could try to Upgrade your BT Driver on your PC to see if that helps.

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You should install the bt driver given by the bt card manufacturer instead of the default bt driver from MS


I will join the others in suggesting to update BT driver

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Delete the phone connection

Reboot the q30

And then connect to pc

Do update on bt if it is the same still to update the driver. If that does not work do the driver update with the generic driver as well ( some folks have stated it worked with the generic driver instead)