Soundcore Q30 turning off when connected to aux

When I connect my Q30 headphones to my PC via an AUX cable the headphones automatically switch off and none of the buttons work, including noise cancelling. It doesn’t matter if the headphones are on before plugging in-- they always switch off. This seems like an incredibly stupid feature if noise cancelling only works through Bluetooth. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

I believe this is just basic functionality of the headset. Unsure why it was like this unless they thought feedback from the other device. You can always contact to report the dislike of this and maybe they can provide you with a better options. It is in the 35 and 30 as well. Unsure if this is also the way other headphones from soundcore functions as well.

Its a functionality you will find with many headphones

Thanks both, I guess I will just return them. This is the third pair of ANC headphones I’ve owned and the first to not work when using an AUX cable, which is disappointing as it feels like incredibly basic functionality.

Other than that they are still a good pair of headset

Yes this was discovered by others. The Q35 is better in this regard, wired + functionality.

Just power them on again with the cable plugged in, it should turn on the ANC. Unfortunately you can’t use transparency mode and it’s using the default ANC mode which is worse than indoor or transport and only slightly better than outdoor mode. To power off ANC you must unplug the cable (holding the power button does nothing).

I’m not sure what happened but I used to be able to switch to transparency mode with the wire plugged in on my Q30, but it seems like they disabled this in the most recent firmware update.