Soundcore Rave+ missing options in the Soundcore app (Android)

Good Day. I just received my Rave+ from BestBuy Canada. In the owners manual it says “Note: Flash can be turned off in Soundcore app individually.” but it is nowhere to be found. Also, I do not have the buttons to select Indoor/Outdoor. The Soundcore app is the latest v2.9.0 and when I clicked the firmware button to check if there was an update for the speaker it said it was up to date. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it but it did not change anything. Thanks in advance for your help.

I do not have but normally it is on the main screen or it is where the 3 dots are. If you can not get the help. You can contact I have been around for a bit.


Try different phone, android or iPhone. It may be a glitch in your phone app. I know my wife downloaded the eufy app and both on Android but she was missing an option that I had.

Thank you Duane_Lester for your input.

I took you advice and tried it on my wife’s iPhone and I got the same results.

I did some more research and found almost all my answers right here

On the Rave+ the option for Indoors / Outdoors is no longer available because of the added EQ function.
I did not find anything for the ability to turn the Flash off so I assume it is no longer an option.

Thank again for your help.

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