Soundcore Rave need help

So I dont know why but it turned on my soundcore rave today and Its doing the thing where the bluetooth bass and light buttons are flashing and it basically wont turn on. Any ideas??

Try to reset it

  1. Press both the "Bluetooth " and " Vol+ " buttons for 8 seconds to reset.
  2. Turn off the speaker and turn your Bluetooth device’s Bluetooth off and then on again.
  3. Clear all the pairing records on your Bluetooth device.
  4. Restart your speaker and reconnect it with your Bluetooth device.

Try keeping the Rave powered on and try to power ON, does it work?

There is no volume up button other than the dial. I tried pressing that down and the power but for 8 seconds but that didnt work either. It wont say on the light only flash when you press the ON button.

Here is a picture of the buttons

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please reach out to SoundCore support at

I am facing same problem, it wont turn on ,only bluetooth bass and light buttons are blinking

Did this ever get resolved? I’m having the same problem


You have to hold all the button down for 30 seconds… Its really hard with 1 person but its do-able… But im still having problems keep the Bluetooth connected and none of the other buttons seem to want to function like they suppose to

Did anyone find a resolution for the blinking lights? Holding the buttons for 30 seconds did not work on the rave speaker

I would suggest to contact customer support by email

Me too.
All buttons not functioning