Soundcore RTWS earbuds available for testing

Soundcore did created new generation earbuds. Those earbuds are called RTWS (Real True Wireless).
RTWS earbuds are microchips that should be placed under the skin behind your ears. RTWS support wireless charging and ANC.
Soundcore RTWS earbuds are available for testing to any community member.
Please read the thread carefully to find out how to apply.
To apply you need:

  1. Follow the link and try to understand if it’s positive or negative review on Soundcore Motion+
  1. You have to know how many TWS earbuds are available in store (US version).
    You can check it there:

  2. You have to know when Anker was established

  3. To submit your application, contact @sean.L with the private message.
    Write correct answers you found while completing first three tasks and write code phrase “Happy Fool’s Day”
    That’s all.


:wink: :wink: I have most definitely applied for this incredible opportunity, perhaps it is almost too good to be true :wink: :wink:

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Lol didn’t see this till. After but pretty funny wonder if sean got any messages

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I think it was a positive review??? The closed captioning made no sense what so ever.

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