Soundcore select pro battery

According to a youtube video select pro model teardown it has only 3350 mah battery and brand claims it has 6700 mah. Whats the reason?

And with bass and light mode on i noticed 30% battery drains only in 1 hour 15 minutes. (85 % volume) is it right?

Two in series is 3350mAh 7.2V

Two in parallel would be 6700mAh 3.7V

So they must be wired in parallel, so the teardown you should see just a solder connecting each end going straight across, and a wire soldered each end, with the flat ends together on same end.

If they’d wired in series you’d probably see a flat end and pointy end on the same end with a flat solder, and opposite a wire solder to each cell.

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You can always contact for further information. They may can get you additional information.

Thanks for reply

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That’s why Watt Hours is the best way to state capacity.

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