Soundcore sell off the Q35. Why?

Only some weeks after launch Soundcore sell off the Q35. For example this week in Germany at for 99€ instead of 129€ official retail price. For me that’s a clear sign, that the Q35 doesn’t sell well so far. Hopefully Soundcore learn this lesson.


It can be the reason. It could be a sale for certain reasons.

With that said, the closeness of the q30 and q35 has caused some probable decrease in the q35 sales number for sure as they are pretty close in design but not in price and the q30 came out first as well.

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Doesn’t necessarily mean they are doing badly. Could be that a new color is coming soon or they just want people to keep talking about them. I do think they missed the same hype they had over the q30 since it isn’t as big a just as if they made a q40 (just name guessing currently don’t know of a q40)

Totally wrong.

I have been tracking Anker pricing for > 5 years.

This is utterly normal. They habitually sell at 20% - 30% discount. The reason is the sense of a discount adds to a sense of urgency to buy before discount expires. This complements pre-order discount. This makes 50% discount feel amazing. The discount is factored into price. Marketing try to make you buy at the original price until all those willing have bought.

No way should you imply an issue. An issue would be a rapid discount to 50% and unavailable.

The 5 weeks until discount is longer than average, so the opposite of your conclusion, it appears to be selling well, and so the quantity of people willing to pay full price has been above normal.


The situation was similar with the Liberty Air 2 Pro - the initial price was $ 129.
Shortly after the LA2P premiere
appeared promotions lowering the price of $ 30.
These promotions are repeated very often.
The same is true for Q35. Promotions since the premiere of Q35 have been on and have already been two or three times.
In my opinion, this is not a bad selling of the Q35.


Agree with @The_Professor and @sodojka
It’s all about marketing

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2020/1 has been unusual. The historic norm was launch, 2 weeks later a 20% discount, then price bounces up/down and infrequently visits 30% then 40% and eventually after a year a short 50%.

What happened this last year was it took far longer to see greater than 20% off, less discounts. I suspect that’s due to supply issues. Also demand has been increased by WFH for all things audio to use with new laptops and tablets.

Well in the USA I’ve yet to see any discount on the Q35. On the other hand I’ve seen the Q30 discounted to the tune of $20 off ($59.99). I’m actually surprised I’ve yet to see a sale on the Q35 here.

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You missed this then over 2 weeks ago.

USA has added offline identical versions of their global online SKU. At the FCC stage you see letters like this:


You have to have a membership for Costco and I don’t. On top of that it may be the exact same headphones with the same accessories included and then again it might not be. Either way I stand by my statement that I haven’t seen headphones by the name of Q35 on sale in the USA where as I have seen the Q35 on sale in other countries.
PS A membership to Costco isn’t free of charge.