Soundcore Smart Speaker

I’ve recently gotten a good set of Soundcore earbuds and feel like they’re punching above their price point. The feels like there’s so little competition in the wifi smart speaker arena in the $100-$150 range. I would love to see a Google Assistant Soundcore speaker. Not that the Nest Audio sounds bad but the sound lacks a certain something and the aesthetic is dead.

I think Soundcore could really beat Google and would be willing to pay more than a Nest Audio as long as the key functionality is there. I mean being able to Cast from various streaming music services over wifi and a Assistant voice control.

They did / do make them.

They made some for Alexa, some for Google Assistant. It’s become de-emphasized of late.

Do you know what the model name is? All I see are Bluetooth speakers.

I think it was back in the days of Zolo brand that Anker tried and then ditched. Zolo brand predated Soundcore brand.

But the point was they used to do it, stopped, they do allow to link a button control to smart assistant of the phone.

I think ditching it was the right decision as it’s expensive, and niche to try to make a custom speaker with integrated smart assistance. So the decision to dump the idea and make a that simpler assign one control to the phone’s smart assistant means each product can work with all of Android, Apple and Amazon. Although I have seen threads of challenges with Amazon.

Here’s a Google version

Amazon Alexa version

And they did some in-car products under Roav brand.

Did they do a Siri version… (don’t remember).

For sure! This however adds more price tag I think. :point_left:

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