Soundcore sound quality

I have 2 challenges for Soundcore engineers. The first is to create a bluetooth speaker with LDAC codec. The second is in the following TWS earphones (Liberty 4 Pro) to improve the sound quality of Liberty 3 Pro.

I suggest to send your suggestions directly to Soundcore by email

Soundcore has many ears…

When I talk about Liberty 3 Pro I mean that it will be very difficult to improve the sound… I have tried many and so far I haven’t found any with better sound…

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It’s right to set challenges.

LDAC in a speaker is trivial.

The challenge is that LDAC increases latency, and Soundcore tends to include TWS and/or Partycast with speakers, which itself tends to add latency. The way they implemented TWS and Partycast increases bandwidth load which requires very good Bluetooth performance to realise audio quality improvement.

So the challenge is LDAC with reasonable latency, they can do that using higher performance chips, which then causes the next challenge of price.

Also speakers direct sound across surfaces so tends to “blur” sound, so it’s less crisp than in-ear / over-ear, so it would be less common you can detect a LDAC sound quality improvement for speaker than in/over-ear. Given the cost challenge it may not win reviews on value.

Agree it’s difficult to improve on sound quality of the L3P but there’s plenty other aspects which can be improved. ANC, ambient, IP rating, battery life, AI keyword smart control.

My own view is the most urgent need is to improve ANC performance, both better ANC across more frequencies, and less hiss. To do that without lowering the excellent sound quality is where I’d like Soundcore to step up to the next level of challenge.

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Hello. You are perfectly right. Part of Soundcore’s success is because it offers quality or reasonable prices. It is possible that if prices rise, the products will not be as attractive. Regarding the LP 3 Pro, I bought them on October 7, the first day they went on sale. Since that day I have been searching and trying every day but I have not found something better. They are a complete success…

I think finding something that sounds better than the L3P at a comparable price would be next to impossible.


To be honest I still use Liberty 2 Pros. Excelent price/performance ratio.


Sound quality when ANC is on, should be the next easiest improvement. That’s just a better chip.

We’d know when it’s coming when there’s lengthy L3P discounts :wink: