Soundcore Space A40 - Did anyone pass the fit test?

If you have the Soundcore Space A40, did you pass the fit test in the Soundcore App?

It seems that I can not pass the fit test with the included A40 eartips.

The M or L eartips are fitting me from the feel but it does not change the result.

I just purchased today and was able to pass the test using XS tips

I think there is a little tweaking of different eartips or hooks and such from any earbuds. Now what does happen is that not all folks have the same ear canals which may give a small percentage a not so great fit.

Between my brother and sister that I have gave earbuds for a present, my brother states the different ones have hurt his ears and my sister had no issue.

For me, I have an issue with on the ear headsets and they end up hurting my hears (I had Beats that hurt my ears and gave to my son but then like 3 or so years later I got the Beat 3 and same issue…lol I literally forgot those hurt my ears… son got a newer pair that year lol)

Try to follow the directions on how to put them in and try to find the best overall fit. It may not result in the pass fit test and it may need to be sent back if possible or to just keep them if they do well enough.

Sorry for the not fit…

Put it in AAC mode and then do the fit test it will pass every time no issue it’s fails when it’s in ldac mode

Mine passed with S & M. I think you need to slide in the earbuds deep into your ear. I was using the S size and my ear got pain then I realised the S is too small that it went too deep in my ear which cause pain. Follow the video how to wear the earbuds and test again.

No Space A40 fit test failed here
I tried all tips
I bought comply foam ones
everything failed but the ANC seemed ok
right battery is dicky and no charging indicator but what can ya do :¬)