Soundcore Space A40 plays audio for a few seconds then stops even though connection remains?

Been using my Soundcore Space A40 for a couple of months, but today when connected to my laptop (Windows 11), it only plays audio for a few seconds then stops playing altogether (even though the Bluetooth connection remains).

The problem exists for all audio apps I’ve tried (YouTube Music, Netflix, Chrome).

Every time I try to disconnect / reconnect, the issue repeats: it plays for a few seconds then silence.

I’ve tried connecting the earbuds to my phone, and it works fine there. Also tried rebooting the laptop & resetting the earbuds, but no differences.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Reset all devices… restart pc to eliminate pc issues. Reset headset as well.

check to make sure you have headphones setup as headphones and not hands free headset. in audio settings i believe

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Hey buddy. Long time, no see. I hope all is well.