Soundcore Space Q45 Noise Cancelling

I can’t seem to get noise cancelling to be good on this pair of headphones. if i press the earcups to my ear the noise cancelling is decent (still not good) and when it’s just over my ears without me applying any force it’s bad the noise cancelling. it doesn’t even block out the sound of half the engines and definitely doesn’t block out sounds of wrappers crunching or people walking at all or barely. Anyone got any ideas as to why. My firmware is up to date and i have wind noise reduction turned on (it’s not very good at that either)

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It sounds like you may not have a good seal around your ears. Have to you tried adjusting the head band for a better fit ? I have the same pair and the ANC is fantastic.

I have exactly the same problem, even after tried to adjust them. It even doesn’t block the fan of my laptop or reduce the noise when I type of the keyboard. When I see people saying how much their anc is good I was so surprised to discover mine was so poor.
I have no idea if it make a difference but mine is in white.