Soundcore Stories #GoldenSound Edition | Cassidy Turbin

This week, @sean.L sits down with Cassidy Turbin, a 5-time GRAMMY winning audio producer who has worked with artists such as Beck, Storefront Church, Miya Folick, Dwight Yoakam, and Tashaki Miyaki. Cassidy is also one of the audio producers who collaborated with Soundcore on both Liberty 2 Pro and Liberty 3 Pro :headphones:

In the episode, Cassidy talks about how he achieves #GoldenSound and the developments in both the music industry and technology world that help that goal. We also talk about the challenges both engineers and artists have when it comes to picking music that you like versus whatever comes your way because you need to make a living.

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What’s your favorite part of the episode? Let us know! :point_down:


Well the Podcast had me from the beginning when Cassidy was talking about listening to Classic Rock playing through the house because it’s what his dad listened to. My kids would probably say the say thing. They can name Jethro Tull songs for sure.

I also liked the part where Cassidy was talking about having the band in the same studio working together. There was also a reference to Classic Rock at that point. I got the feeling that we look at music making in the same way.

It’s probably because my dad worked in a recording studio and he brought me there a lot when I was growing up (started at around the age of 8). I was splicing reel to reel tape by the age of 8 so this Podcast really resonated with me.

The Podcast flew by. Great job Cassidy and Sean! :clap:


I will have to pull the podcast for my drive home tonight if I can. Sounds like a good listen. Thanks setting this up of @sean.L


This is a wonderful episode! My favorite part of the episode is finding out that the vocals/lyrics are what Cassidy believes is the most important thing for a song! I listen to a lot of catchy music and I don’t really pay attention that much to the vocals/lyrics!

I like a good, fast beat and if it energizes me, is a bop/banger, I add it immediately to my playlist. I don’t expect all singers/bands to sing or belt like Adele, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, etc. I do love great vocals/lyrics but that’s not on the top of my list.


Will need to watch here in a few

Interesting memories.
Your children will also say: “Our dad listened to rock with us … :slightly_smiling_face:


This was a really fun podcast to record, Cassidy and I have spent hours talking about music and it’s really cool listening to some of his insights when it comes to capturing sound and some of the more technical aspects of it. Glad everybody is enjoying listening! :smiley:


Another great podcast. Thanks

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Another great podcast @sean.L

I had visions of the ole boom box a going as Cassidy was recording his show…

Think cassettes are making a come back?? I’m not so sure… vinyl definitely has enjoyed a resurgence…


In case anyone doesn’t know who Jethro Tull is, here’s a clip from the late 70’s.
PS It’s just the bands name. The lead singer is Ian Anderson